Manor Mead School


Parents of young children with Special Educational Needs are welcome to visit Manor Mead to see the school and learn about the provision available. Parents may choose to visit with their Portage teacher or any other Professional who has been supporting the family. 

Once a child’s Special Educational Needs have been notified to Education, the Local Authority may decide that the child's needs could be met at a school such as Manor Mead. They may suggest that parents visit Manor Mead, as well as other schools so they can express a preference of school.

Requests for admissions for Nursery and Reception aged children with Severe / Profound Learning Difficulties are made directly to the school by Special Needs Management.

Careful consideration is given as to whether our school is able to meet a child's needs and whether it is the most appropriate provision. Parental preference of school is taken into consideration by the Local Authority as well as the distance of the school from the child's home.

For children with autism as a primary need, a Panel is arranged by Special Needs Management to decide the best provision for the child: the panel members are all the relevant Headteachers and representatives from Educational Psychology, Portage, Health and Partnership with Parents. Parents are notified of the Panel's decision by Special Needs Management about two weeks after the panel has met. There is one Panel meeting a year, held in the summer term.

It should be noted that the school is not able to admit pupils directly, only at the request of the Local Authority either through a Panel Meeting or by direct request. Parents do not have the right to choose a school but they may express a preference for a school. 

If Home-School Transport is requested by parents, the Local Authority will only fund transport to the nearest appropriate school that has places available. 

Once a place has been offered, the school and family will work together to arrange admission details. An induction meeting is held with parents to share information and pupils will be invited to visit the class before they start.  We endeavour to ensure that all children have a smooth transition from home or other setting into Manor Mead.

Please refer to the Surrey County Council website for more information on their policy and practice regarding Special Education.