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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools in respect of children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and children who are in Local Authority Care for one day or more per week.

Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit to “close the gap” between children from disadvantaged circumstances and those above the low-income threshold.

Schools are held accountable for how we use the additional funding to support pupils from low-income families.

Pupil Premium allocations received by year:   

Financial Year

Funds in respect of FSM students

Funds in respect of Looked After Children










Main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils

All students will face different challenges based on their unique circumstances.

All will need specialist provision and individual targets to work towards. Students eligible for Pupil Premium will need frequent opportunities to spend social time with their peers and to access extra-curricular activities, such as those provided by activities and residential trips, as it may be harder to provide these opportunities at home. They will also benefit from physical activities and challenges.

How we intend to use Pupil Premium to address those barriers:

Our school provides a personalised learning programme for all students to help them achieve their maximum potential. 

To do this we enrich the curriculum with additional activities and provide a wide variety of opportunities for development. 

Summary of Provision

Music Therapy

To provide extension of curriculum, and particularly to promote communication and social interaction skills.  To develop motor skills.


To provide opportunities and experiences that students would not otherwise be able to access with their own families. To develop communication skills, independence, self-esteem and confidence. To provide benefits to families e.g. parents spending time with other siblings.

Home School Liaison Worker

To support families by signposting services, giving support at meetings, provide guidance re:

transitions, liaising with other professionals. To support families in accessing allowances etc. To attend reviews, make referrals, liaise with other provisions. To maintain clear communication links between home and school and to resolve queries. To make home/ hospital visits if students absent due to long term illness.

Options afternoon (Enrichment Activities)

To provide enrichment activities through which students can experience a broader curriculum offer and engage in learning/interaction with students across the age range.

How we’ll measure the impact of Pupil Premium.

The school develops ways to measure the impact of such additional interventions on attainment and we are able to evidence the impact through students’ Individual Learning Plans, Progress Files, Annual Reviews and P Level progress.

Pupil Premium is allocated at the beginning of each Financial Year, so is always slightly out of step with academic year data, although the group does not tend to change much year to year.

The impact of Pupil Premium is reviewed annually in the summer term and strategies are amended to ensure Pupil Premium students continue to show progress at the same rate as their peers.

The impact of the expenditure on eligible and other pupils (2017-18)

Progress remains very similar between the group of Pupil Premium students and the students who are not eligible for Pupil Premium. No Pupil Premium students made Below Expected Progress, compared to 4% (2/56) of other students. 9% (1/11) of Pupil Premium students made Above Expected Progress (8%), compared with 13% (7/56) of other students, very similar figures.

Over three years, 44% (4/9) Pupil Premium students made Above Expected Progress, compared to 25% (9/36) of other students. 11% (1/9) of Pupil Premium students made Below Expected Progress, compared to 11% (4/36) of other students. Once again, these figures are very similar and show that students who are eligible for Pupil Premium are achieving very similar progress to other students in school.