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GSO Test

Primary PE & Sport Premium

The PE and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.

Amount received

For the 2023-24 academic year, Manor Mead School Shepperton has been allocated £10,212.  

Summary of planned provision at Shepperton

Additional floats and swimming equipment - £350

Funds will enable the purchase of specialist floatation devices and equipment to promote independence and participation in swimming sessions. 

Specialist dance teacher - £3,900  

Funding allows us to employ a specialist dance teacher who is able to deliver dance and music sessions across the school.  As well as developing physical skills, this provision develops pupil confidence and self-esteem, encouraging group work and interaction with others. 

Rebound Training Course - £846 

Funding will allow a further three members of staff to be trained to deliver rebound therapy.  This training means there are more staff skilled to deliver rebound sessions, and creates more opportunities to deliver rebound sessions for more children across the school. 

Outside therapy playground climbing blocks - £3,345

This equipment will encourage active play during break times, lunchtimes and lunchtime clubs across the whole school.   The equipment can also be used during outside PE lessons, and medium term plans will be adapted to incorporate the new equipment.  The blocks are designed to promote practice and learning of skills such as stepping, balance and gross motor planning.  This equipment is robust and will benefit children currently, but also children in years to come.

New sports experience funding - £1,500

Funds will be used to support all pupils in the school to access an offsite sporting activity. Activities will include climbing and abseiling on the year 6 residential trip.  For others the activities could include ice skating, visiting a trampoline park, going swimming offsite, bowling, accessible bicycles etc.  This funding will help introduce a new range of sports and physical activities to pupils in the school, and may encourage and give confidence to more pupils to take part in these sport and physical activities in the future. 

Additional specialist PE equipment - £271

Additional specialist PE equipment will be purchased to support all children to participate in PE and physical activities during the school day.  Equipment will include auditory balls to support pupils with visual impairments.


The impact of the school’s Sports Funding spend will be assessed annually and pupil progress demonstrated through case studies for individual pupils.

Manor Mead School:
Primary School Sport Funding 2022-2023

Money allocated for September 2022 - July 2023 | £9,568 

This money was used:

  • To employ an external dance teacher
  • To purchase physio steps with high adjustable rails
  • Yoga Training for staff
  • To purchase of playtime equipment
  • For access to new sports experience for pupils

Case study available here, to illustrate the direct outcomes of Sports Funding 2022-23.